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    h2. The Inheritance. A journey beginning in Rios, a small farming town in the jungle nation of Koldar, will take several unique adventures around a world full of powerful foes, mysterious magic, evil cults, and an ancient civilization wiped out by …

  • Australia

    Australia is a Thoecracy, ruled by a council of ten clerics, one for each of the ten gods. The country occupies a mostly frozen island. Several hundred years ago, Australia erected a 30 foot high wall that goes all the way around the entire island, no …

  • Emily Thornwatch

    Grew up as an orphan in the small farming village of Rios, she left on an adventure with our heroes when her village learned she was a poison maker.

  • Ry'kelt

    Ry'kelt has lived for more years that he has bothered to count. He has no family, and has lived alone on the outskirts of Rios for the latter half of his life. He grew up and studied magic in the capital, and still maintains several colleagues there. He …