Tag: Ennis


  • Freeing Lunar

    Our heroes attacked the caravan of the Cult of the Lunar Union and successfully freed [[Lunar, Goddess of the Moon, Sky, and Tides | Lunar, Goddess of the Moon, Sky, and Tides]]. After escaping from their crazy leader's meteors, they plotted their next …

  • The City of Molv

    The group traveled to Molv, where Ennis recovered his memory about his family. Planning to move them to safety in Koldar, the group sought a Weapon of the Old World under Molv. After sneaking into the catacombs, they found a secret door leading into a …

  • Ennis Caldwell

    A vision obtained by Olivia of the Sydney Academy of Magic revealed a small mountain village in his past, as well as a woman and child, and two men, each with one of Ennis' apparent Gifts.