The Inheritance

The City of Molv

The group traveled to Molv, where Ennis recovered his memory about his family. Planning to move them to safety in Koldar, the group sought a Weapon of the Old World under Molv. After sneaking into the catacombs, they found a secret door leading into a massive dungeon.

The dungeon contained hoards of skeletons, deadly monsters, a demon, and an automaton guarding the weapon. The group was launched back in time temporarily by some weird spiders, where they met Tray, an acquaintance of Adelle and Kapnik.

They successfully acquired the legendary spear and escaped the dungeon richer, stronger, and wiser.

Freeing Lunar

Our heroes attacked the caravan of the Cult of the Lunar Union and successfully freed Lunar, Goddess of the Moon, Sky, and Tides. After escaping from their crazy leader’s meteors, they plotted their next move. Adelle set off to find Kapnik, while the heroes began a journey west, toward Molv.

Battling past rock slides and meeting a wild boy, the heroes arrive near the capital, where Ennis Caldwell finds the village where he lost his memory. He discovers that he has a wife, and an eight year old son. Hi amnesia gone, he plans to move them to Koldar, where he believes they will be safer and happier.

During the trip, Ry’kelt discovered a possible location of a Weapon of the Old World.

The Gifted

Our heroes successfully hunted a basilisk, learned a little about Ennis’ past, and obtained a magic device that will help them to free Lunar. On the way back to Yotta, they encountered the thief from Nessiam. His name is Kapnik, and after managing to get him locked in the brig and taking his wallet, he sank the ship just outside of the port.

Once safely on land, at Ennis’ prodding Ry’kelt revealed that the three heroes are what is known as Gifted, as are Adelle and Kapnik. After recovering in town and preparing, the group set off for Molv.

Successfully fording the river and driving off some wild animals, the heroes arrived at the volcano where they hoped they’d find Lunar. Instead they found Adelle, who said that the Cult had just left three hours ago, after preventing her from freeing the goddess. Richter began pursuit so that the trail was not lost.


Upon returning to the capital, the heroes are rewarded. When they visit the seer, however, they are all put to sleep, and sent a vision of Lunar, who requests they free her from her captors.

Setting sail for Yotta and escorting a diplomat there, the heroes’ ship was set upon by pirates. They fended off most of the pirates, but the pirate ship burned and sank before it could be captured.

Once in Yotta, the group decided to pursue a greater understanding of how exactly someone could block a god’s power, as well as some other personal pursuits. They sailed south, to Australia, to visit the Sydney Academy of Magic.

The Swamp Ruins

Our heroes ventured into the swamp to see a mysterious darkness in the ruins there. After an encounter with an alligator, they made it inside. Exploring the ruins, they encountered a crazy shaman who had created a device that was blocking the power of the goddess Lunar. The defeated the shaman and his two golems and smashed the device. Upon leaving the ruins, they encountered a young woman named Adelle, who purported to be attempting to rescue Lunar. Upon further investigation of the ruins, the heroes discovered an ancient book about the Weapons of the Old World. Ry’Kelt has taken to studying the book, trying to unlock whatever secrets it might hold.

The Capital City

Once in the capital city of Nessiam, our heroes learned about a rash of thieveries and proceeded to investigate. They discovered an organization called the Cult of the Lunar Union was paying the local thieves guild to steal magical artifacts, mostly powerstones. They captured the Cult’s operative there. They next set out for ruins on the advice of the King and his seer.

Bandits in Rios

When the small town of Rios was beset by bandits, three heroes took it upon themselves to free the town through judicious use of poison, magic, and help from a warrior sent from the capital. With the captured bandits in tow, the four of them now set out for the capital.


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