The Inheritance

Our heroes successfully hunted a basilisk, learned a little about Ennis’ past, and obtained a magic device that will help them to free Lunar. On the way back to Yotta, they encountered the thief from Nessiam. His name is Kapnik, and after managing to get him locked in the brig and taking his wallet, he sank the ship just outside of the port.

Once safely on land, at Ennis’ prodding Ry’kelt revealed that the three heroes are what is known as Gifted, as are Adelle and Kapnik. After recovering in town and preparing, the group set off for Molv.

Successfully fording the river and driving off some wild animals, the heroes arrived at the volcano where they hoped they’d find Lunar. Instead they found Adelle, who said that the Cult had just left three hours ago, after preventing her from freeing the goddess. Richter began pursuit so that the trail was not lost.



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